Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You would think that adults would be adults and quit acting like kids....I just don't get it! We went to Ben's grandma's house for her bday celebration. After we were done eating most of us were outside visiting and enjoying the sunshine. Ben's 2 cousins, both females, got into it in the driveway and before any of us knew it they were physically fighting with one another. One of them took the others keys and left. The other one called the police. I seriously think it's time to grow up and why do you have to behave this way especially at your grandma's?? Other than that it was a nice time!

We all went to church with her the next day so the first 3 pews were her family, not all of them, but it made her smile. The one cousin who started the fight was there and they had a good sermon about stupidity,lol! I really hope she listened.

So far my hours this week haven't been cut. I worked my usual day shift yesterday and today I will go in and work 3-11 pm. I think the manager finally realized that maybe instead of giving the hours to the prn that she will work it out so her full time help gets hours. I had no extra last week so my check will look pitiful but its better than nothing and I thank God I have a job. Hospital census is still really low so I am looking for a part time job for my off week. One of the nurses last week was cancelled and stated that she is going to look for something different and quit.

The weather does not feel like spring out there at all. I was going to plant some flowers but we have had 2 days of below freezing at night so I'm glad I didn't yet!

Have a great Tuesday and today is National Walking day so if you have a chance get out there and walk :)


Lisa said...

Gretchen, hope you get some warm weather soon, Have a great Tuesday !!!!! Hugs Lisa

Carlene Noggle said...

Ben's grandma's b'day party sounds lke some I have been to! lol Were the cousins sisters??? Looks like they could have been civil for the short time that they were there..just for grandma's sake anyway.
Hope youare doing well. we are in the 40's today and N. Ga had snow this morning! We were in the 7's last week!

Christy said...

Gretchen sorry you had to deal with adults who want to act like they're 15.

God Bless

Odie said...

Yikes! It's amazing how family can act sometimes... So sorry that had to happen at such a special occasion.

Keep in mind...you are warmer then us way up here in the north! (lol) I hope spring just hurries up and gets here soon! For both of us!


Arlene (AJ) said...

Grethen since I came from GA, now Sc, the agriculture experts say to not plant flowers or vegetablesd until April 15th, just a tip dear.
Can't imagine the cousins losing control like that, but it happens in families more times than not. Too bad the other cousin wasn't in church to hear the "Stupidity" sermon. Glad you and yours are doing well dear, hope you all have a beautiful, blessed Easter.

Sher said...

Hi, again, Gretchen! I'm trying to get back into my fav blogs. I was reading about Ben's grandma. It put a smile on my face. We just got back from Tennessee, and visiting my grandmother, who will be 94 in October. Everyone had a spread for us this past Sunday. It was good seeing everyone & enjoying the "down home again" meal. Hope you all don't get flooded, too. We just barely got out of TN & back to FL before they got hit hard.
Take care!
Thinking of you...
sher (wunzuponatime)