Saturday, December 13, 2008

Well yesterday I turned.....38! Closer and closer to 40,lol! I actually had it off from work and so did Ben which is amazing. We went to Opelika and did some Christmas shopping and then he took me to the Olive Garden for dinner,mmmm! I got home and Caitlin had made me a german chocolate cake for dessert :) Thanks to my best friend in W VA for the card :)

I have been down the past couple of weeks....I guess it's the upcoming holidays and as always missing Matthew. I broke down in church last weekend. The sermon was alittle to close to home for me but I do have to say that the church we are going to is wonderful and a lot of the ladies knew it would be hard for me and surrounded me with love and prayer after.

I do hope that you all are doing good...I think of you all often. It's hard when we don't have internet and I can't connect like I want but that is going to change soon. We are catching up on bills and got Ben's little truck paid off :) We were behind when we both weren't working but thankfully we are and getting some extra hours. There is a lot of plants in our area that are shutting down and many people are out of jobs right now. It's so very hard! I'm just thankful that Ben and I are in the industry were they need people.

You all take care and stay warm! Sending you all hugs :)