Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Forrester Park in Savannah, 2005
I'm thankful...
1. for my family
2. that we didn't have any tornadoes last night
3. for coffee!
4. that I love what I do
5. for my friends and for journaling!
This week is my off week but I went in last night and will go in tonight and work 3-11 pm. She had called me and wanted me to work Mon. days but there was no way I could do 8 in a row. I was so tired! I was talking to another nurse last night and we don't understand what happened to all of these people who complain that they don't get any extra hours but when they are called they say no. It's probably because they want to pick the hours and don't want to be called. This was the first time I ever turned her down and I did feel bad about it but I was so tired after last week. We've been getting a lot of acute critical patients on our rehab unit and it's constant from the time your feet hit the floor until you leave. I do love it though!
Ben and I both have this weekend off together and will be going out to dinner Saturday for our belated Valentines. We've both been hungry for seafood...Savannah spoiled us with all those amazing resturants. So I'm going to do a search for the Birmingham area and see what I can find. We also got shelving so we'll be putting up shelves in our computer room and I'm excited about that. It's the little things in life,lol.
Justin finished up a project for Social Studies. He had to do a poster on Pearl Harbor and it turned out good :) He really likes old history and gets animated when he is talking about the wars back then.
Well I think I'll try and get alittle rest before work....I only had a few hours sleep last night. Woke up with an awful leg cramp.
Have a great Thursday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I hope that you all had a good Valentines! This was my 7 to work and after today I will have put in 80 hours in one week. I worked a couple of doubles and a 12 today. Not doing doubles anymore! Ben and I both worked this weekend so we are going to celebrate Valentines next weekend when we are off. He did buy me the sweetest cards though :) Caitlin made dinner last night so that was a bonus!

I've been down again or maybe still. It seems neverending at times. I'm so grateful/thankful for what I have and for my family but there will always be a part missing....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful...

1. that we have a fireplace....the low this morning was 13!!

2. for the beautiful sunshine

3. that I have been off this week :)

4. that we are almost caught up with was rough for awhile when we both were briefly out of work but it's getting better!

5. that are taxes are done

6. for Ben, my kids and all of you!

Today I get to drive Ben to Tuscusloosa, I know I spelled that wrong, for a mental eval to see if he qualifies to add PTSD to his disability. If he does, which he has been deployed overseas to "hotspots" and wars numerous times, then he goes from 60 percent to 100 percent disabled. He'll still be able to work if he wants but it will definately help and frankly all the time he put in and how they treated him the last couple of years he deserves it. It really makes me upset how all the servicemen and women are treated after they have served their country. Ok, I won't start on that rant right now! God bless them all though! We'll be going to the other side of Birmingham so it's a good hour and a half drive from here and he works tonight.

It feels really weird not to go into work on my off week but I"m not complaining. I will make up for it next week :( I'm just glad that I am employed AND I like what I do.

You all have a great Thankful Thursday :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting there!

I'm finally getting there with the blog, trying to make changes to it and still needing to add some stuff but it's getting there slowly. I did add a couple of pics :)

It is cold here....probably not as cold as some of you are but its 18 right now and thats a bit chilly for here. The low tonight is suppose to be 17. I miss the beach! lol

I have to be honest, I had a whole bunch of small stuff I wanted to get taken care of inside the house and I haven't done any of it. It has felt good to get some laundry done and cook but thats about all I have accomplished. I just need a few small things that I have put off doing like putting the border up in the kids bathroom, finishing trimming out Justin's closet and painting it, rearranging some of my dishes in the kitchen. I will get motivated....maybe! lol

There is something else I have Thankful look out for that :)

Have a great and warm day!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Last week I worked my 7 which included two 12 hour shifts...this week I have off :) When I go back I will work 2 doubles...yes I'm tired.

It's been raining here most of the day but the sun is trying to come out now. We might be getting snow flurries tomorrow. The kids are more excited about that than I am,lol.

I'm trying to figure out how to put pics up here.

I'll write more later, take care :)