Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Forrester Park in Savannah, 2005
I'm thankful...
1. for my family
2. that we didn't have any tornadoes last night
3. for coffee!
4. that I love what I do
5. for my friends and for journaling!
This week is my off week but I went in last night and will go in tonight and work 3-11 pm. She had called me and wanted me to work Mon. days but there was no way I could do 8 in a row. I was so tired! I was talking to another nurse last night and we don't understand what happened to all of these people who complain that they don't get any extra hours but when they are called they say no. It's probably because they want to pick the hours and don't want to be called. This was the first time I ever turned her down and I did feel bad about it but I was so tired after last week. We've been getting a lot of acute critical patients on our rehab unit and it's constant from the time your feet hit the floor until you leave. I do love it though!
Ben and I both have this weekend off together and will be going out to dinner Saturday for our belated Valentines. We've both been hungry for seafood...Savannah spoiled us with all those amazing resturants. So I'm going to do a search for the Birmingham area and see what I can find. We also got shelving so we'll be putting up shelves in our computer room and I'm excited about that. It's the little things in life,lol.
Justin finished up a project for Social Studies. He had to do a poster on Pearl Harbor and it turned out good :) He really likes old history and gets animated when he is talking about the wars back then.
Well I think I'll try and get alittle rest before work....I only had a few hours sleep last night. Woke up with an awful leg cramp.
Have a great Thursday!


Lisa said...

Gretchen, enjoyed your Thankfuls, enjoy your dinner out with Ben, Hugs Lisa

Arlene (AJ) said...

Gretchen, enjoy resting a bit, sounds like you've had lots on your plate dear.....well enjoy your plateful of seafood with your evening out with hubby dear. Take care.

Terri said...

Love the pic...and your thankfuls

Enjoy your dinner out for Valentines...

We didn't get a chance to watch Nights in Rodanthe last we will this weekend...I will let ya know how it was... :)


LYN said...

loved this post..get some rest this weekend...I bet you do miss it was fab there!!!

Odie said...

I hope you and Ben find a great place to celebrate your special night out! Enjoy your time off and just relax! :)