Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Getting there!

I'm finally getting there with the blog, trying to make changes to it and still needing to add some stuff but it's getting there slowly. I did add a couple of pics :)

It is cold here....probably not as cold as some of you are but its 18 right now and thats a bit chilly for here. The low tonight is suppose to be 17. I miss the beach! lol

I have to be honest, I had a whole bunch of small stuff I wanted to get taken care of inside the house and I haven't done any of it. It has felt good to get some laundry done and cook but thats about all I have accomplished. I just need a few small things that I have put off doing like putting the border up in the kids bathroom, finishing trimming out Justin's closet and painting it, rearranging some of my dishes in the kitchen. I will get motivated....maybe! lol

There is something else I have Thankful look out for that :)

Have a great and warm day!


Lisa said...

Gretchen, glad you are journaling again, I've missed your Thankful Thursdays, Hugs Lisa