Saturday, January 24, 2009

We now have cable/internet service as of today!! It's the little things in life :) I will be posting more later and coming around your blogs soon :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy belated holidays to you all and thanks for the bday wishes last month :)
Things are busier than ever. Work is busy...which is good but they are still short on nurses so I get called in a lot on my off week. Makes for a good check but getting tired...not complaining though! My sis in law got layed off her job...she made parts for the Honda plant and they are all cutting back now. Ben's grandma hasn't been doing too well so we've been trying to keep an extra eye on her. She fell last week, thank goodness nothing broken!

We had really warm temps but that is changing now. We are getting a cold spell...lows in the teens!

I called about cable and internet and they had to come down to make sure we had serviceability...which I know we do since there are others on our road who have it but since we live out in the boonies :) I'm giving them a call back tommorrow.

I miss you all and hope you all are doing well.