Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in March!

March certainly came in like a lion....2 days before we had tornado warnings and sirens going off. Had some damage a few miles from us but luckily nothing here. I was working at the time so we had to get all of the patients out into the halls....that was fun! Yesterday morning woke up to snow! Nothing like I had growing up in Kansas, but I hadn't seen snow in years and Justin never had. Of course I had to go to work and missed his reaction but did call and he was so excited :) Caitlin took some pics for me so I'll post when I get a chance. The drive to work was really pretty though. Justin and Caitlin had snowball fights throughout the day,lol. We ended up with about 3-4 inches here. At one point it was snowing so hard they closed all of the major roads and we all thought we were going to have to stay at the hospital for awhile after our shift ended but in the afternoon the sun came out and it stopped. We're suppose to get 70 degree weather later in the week....crazy!

I worked my 7 in a row so I'm suppose to have this week off but will be going in Wed and Thur. They are still short staffed and I did work two 12 hour shifts last week. No more doubles for me! They have all of these prn people but they want to pick and choose and when they get called to come in don't want too. Or they just don't show up!

The kids have off today because of the snow. The roads are bad this morning as well. Ben works off this morning so we will all be home :) I do have some things I want to get done around here but thinking today will be a free day for us all :)

I hope you all have a great Monday! Thanks to Julie for my beautiful background on here :)


Monica said...

What crazy weather you have been having! I won't complain about our little bit of rain and cold weather now. :-)

As for the hospital work, that is one thing I always hated about working for hospitals the LONG hours, the short staffing and always being tired!

I hope you get to enjoy your days off, relax and have some fun. :-)


Arlene (AJ) said...

Gretchen nice seeing an update on you dear, sounds like you are one busy lady your way. Like you we woke this morning to 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff here in South Carolina, was like a winter wonderland, just glad I don't have to be out on the roads and can enjoy it through the windows. Take care, keep warm and safe.

Anonymous said...

The weather sounds as crazy as ours.. I love your background on here too..
Enjoy your day Sorry I'm a day late or so in postin.. Shoot I'll be late for the rest of my life I guess lol. It's always something lol.. Glad to hear from ya darlin and thanks for the hugs you left me on my blog, I needed them.. So I'm sendin them back to you,
Love ya darlin..

Odie said...

We have had crazy weather here too. Where Jim works they got over 14 inches of snow in just a couple of hours. Where we live, not one flake. Strange.

I am glad the kids had so much fun in the snow. :)

Hope you enjoyed your time off to the fullest!

And you are very welcome! I am glad you like it so much!