Monday, March 16, 2009

Another week...random thoughts

I worked my 7 in a row and will be going in later this afternoon for my 8th day....yes I must be crazy!

It's been raining here most of the weekend...the type of rain that makes you want to curl back in bed and take a nap.

Things are starting to green up...that means mowing season is right around the corner :)

I have 2 weeks to get this house in order and organized. The first week of April is Ben's grandma's 91st birthday and the family always goes to her house to celebrate. Apparently this year they all want to come over here!

Ben has another appointment at the VA about his PTSD so we will see. We go tomorrow afternoon.

Twilight comes out on DVD saturday, woooo!

Yes feeling very random's Monday :)


Odie said...

Wow! You must be tired!

Your so lucky to see things turning green...and spring coming...we just get teasers and then back to the cold again! I can't wait for spring!

Twilight! Wooohoo! ;)


Carlene Noggle said...

I just had to have my grass cut today. My riding mower wont move and so I had to pay someone to cut it! :-( Danny was good at fixing mowers...I miss him.
I hope you are not overdoing it at working...Try to find some time to relax, ok? That Twilight movie looks like it may be good...I use to love Dark old soap opera about a before your time I think!
love ya,