Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Here is a pic of our baby chicks. A total of 53. I guess since we are out in the country we are going to have a mini farm! lol They are cute though and the kids love them.

I'm thankful....

1. that I still have a job - hospital census is down so that means our unit, TCU/rehab is down. Instead of our usual 30 patients we have been down to 14-19 which means we have been taking turns being cancelled and I didn't get any extra hours this week. A full week off which is good in a way, I think I needed it but alittle scary. Praying that census goes back up when I go back in on Monday.

2. for the rain we have been getting and so far no flooding!

3. that we are suppose to have sunshine this week.

4. for my kids and Ben

5. for Mocha who always greets me with puppy kisses and tail wagging :)

I have been productive with this week off. I was suppose to go in Monday and this morning but was cancelled. I rearranged my kitchen, the dishes so hopefully it will work better now. Yesterday I touched up Justin's room. Still need to find some border for it. It's hard to find border for a 11 year old boys room! Today I am going to attempt to organize our extra bedroom. Right now its a catch all for everything so need to go through and do the goodwill thing.

Saturday is Ben's grandmas 91st birthday! A lot of the family will be at her house for lunch so it should be fun. I'm going to make a coconut cream cake :)

We really need to mow but it's so wet. They are having flooding along the gulf coast here. Our yard is so soggy but thankfully no flooding yet!

Have a great rest of the week and Happy April.


Lisa said...

Awwwww those chicks are too cute, Hugs Lisa

Debbie said...

I always loved it when we would get new chicks when I was young. They are cute chirping around. Happy Birthday to Ben's grandma. Happy April to you too.


Odie said...

I just love your little chickies! :)

I pray the census goes up for your unit. I know you love the time off, but work is important too. The hospital where Jim works is really having a hard time too. No raises this year.

Enjoy your sunshine, we have more snow on the way. :(