Friday, April 3, 2009


It still feels weird not having to go to work at all during my off week. I have gotten a lot done and am praying that hospital census goes up on Monday when I go back.

I watched the finale of ER last night. I loved the retrospective they did before the finale. I have been an ER fan since day one and even the cast changed still loved it. I know that George Clooney was on a few weeks ago but was really hoping he would show back up again last night :) It will be missed!

We have sun today after a week of rain! Our grass is so tall and I'm hoping there is enough sun that I can at least later today and mow around the house. There is no way I can in the lower areas, way too wet!

When Ben gets home from work we are going to his grandmas house to help her get ready for tomorrow. She has a couple of tables she wants cleaned off.



Odie said...

Wasn't that a great show last night. I am so glad the ended it the way they did. Not like a big explosion and they all die or something...they ended like it will go on forever, it just that we can't see it anymore. :( I will certainly miss that show.

Have a great time celebrating the birthday! She is truly blessed!